About Us

It all started with an idea our parents had to make more money, so they could buy a house and live the american dream. They knew back then that good food and the love and passion they had for cooking need to be shared. They started making food for close friends not knowing where it would go. Well they loved it and told others about it and that spread to catering of birthday parties, weddings and coroporate parties. They where able to buy that house and live the american dream.

With their kids having grandkids and health concerns they choose to step away from catering and focus on family and their health.  In 2014 Randy Salinas and Junior Salinas, while watching a eposide of BBQ Pitmasters decided that they wanted to bring it back to life. That is when Big Salinas Barbecue was born. We wanted to provide a new and improved product but show that same love and passion that our parents had for it.

The business is back and continues to grow and grow. We have catered all types of events from weddings, birthday parties, fanasty football drafts, holiday parties and even just a family dinner. Catering was not all we wanted to do, we wanted to compete in BBQ Competitions and put our skils to the test. Both ventures have paid off and have opened new doors for us.  We have now ventered in to making homemade sauce and rubs. Who knows what they future hold for us.

Don’t wait let us cook for you today!

Randy Salinas


He is the mastermind mind behind it all and loves nothing more then provide great food to others. He is always looking to create and try new things.

Junior Salinas


When not working he can be seen right there helping excute ideas and is always good for making us laugh.

Erasmo Salinas


Is always looking to help and share his knowledge and opinion. He enjoys spending time with his family and is always around to help those in need.

Mason Wistl
JR. Pitmaster


A pitmaster in the making, when not fishing. He is apart of the Melissa High School Fishing Team which we are proud sponsors of.