Our Sauce

While the business was going in the right direction, Randy had an idea of taking the business to another level. He wanted to make his own sauce, something he could call his own and use it and see if that would increase sales and help the business grow.

The sauce he wanted to make would be a type of glaze that would only enchance the seasonings and not take away from it. His first creation was not that good but he said “it can only get better” and that it did. He kept working on it and started to win awards with it but for him it was never quite right. He kept saying something is missing and for years he kept at it until one day he said “I did it”. His sauce won more awards and the demand for it begin to grow, as he begin to share with others.

Early 2020 he took a chance on his sauce and bottled it up and said “I am selling this in stores.”  We did not know how he was going to do it or when but Randy had a plan and kept working and working until Spring of 2020 when the dream became a reality and Big Salinas Barbecue Orginal was being sold at Charred 380 in McKinney, TX.

As history has shown he was not satisfied and he created a spicy verison of the sauce and got it sold in stores too. Both of the sauces have gotten rave reviews and is big hit among other pitmasters, backyard cooks and families. Which we have had people tell us they use the sauces on traditional things like brisket, pulled pork and chicken but we have been told that some have used on chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, meatloaf and even as sauce to dip their chips in, to just name a few. You see this sauce is good for just about anything you want. He kept at it and now the the sauces is being sold in several stores all across Texas and being shipped to over 40 states with hopes of hitting all 50, and who knows maybe other countrys.

He now is venturing in to rubs and new verisons of the sauce, who know what he will come up with down the road.